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Archiv für 19. September 2021

European Agreement With Iran


The Majlis Special Commission to Review the JCPOA invited Ali Shamkhani as well as members of the former nuclear negotiating team, including Ali Bagheri and Fereydoon Abbasi, to comment on the agreement. [352] During the meeting, Saeed Jalili, a former chief negotiator, criticized the deal and said that Iran`s „some 100 absolute rights“ were granted to the opposing party. He said the deal is „unacceptable“ because Iran is making an „exceptional [nuclear] case by replacing `authorization` with `law` under the NPT and accepting unconventional measures.“ [353] He also believes that the deal crossed the red lines drawn by Iran`s Supreme Leader. His statement was criticized by Commissioners Masoud Pezeshkian and Abbas Ali Mansouri Arani. [354] At another meeting, current negotiators Abbas Araqchi and Majid Takht-Ravanchi defended the deal under the leadership of Javad Zarif. [355] Federal Foreign Minister Maas warned the UN Security Council against a possible arms race. He called for dialogue with the nuclear powers to avoid this scenario. (02.04.2019) The deal is supported by many Iranian dissidents, including Nobel Peace Prize laureate, human rights activist and Iranian exile Shirin Ebadi, who called „extremists those who opposed the deal in Iran and the United States.“ [349] Similarly, akbar Ganji, a journalist critical of the regime and a former political prisoner, expressed hope that „the progressive nuclear deal, the lifting of economic sanctions, and the improvement of relations between Iran and the Western powers will gradually eliminate Iran`s bellicose and securitized environment.“ [349] Citing the human rights situation in Iran and the „lack of religious and political freedom in the country,“ some dissidents rejected the deal, including Ahmad Batebi, Nazanin Afshin-Jam, and Roozbeh Farahanipour, who signed an open letter stating, „More pressure should be put on the regime, not less.“ [357] The Roman Catholic Church expressed support for the agreement. Iran`s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, who is withdrawing from the JCPOA, has set seven conditions for Europe to fulfill its obligations. Among them, The European powers must take steps to end trade relations with Iranian banks and buy Iranian oil despite pressure from the United States.

He also said there was no need for further discussions on Iran`s ballistic missile program and regional activities. [406] On August 8, 2015, 29 prominent United States became . . .

Enterprise Bargaining Agreement Nab


Some executives who earn more than AUD 110,000 a year and whose salaries are governed by the company agreement receive significantly less than headline increases. While the FSU and its members are agitated for increases of more than 3%, in line with the multi-year agreements negotiated earlier this year with Westpac and NAB, the pandemic has hampered the union`s bargaining power. A spokesman for the CBA said it was in preliminary talks with the FSU about the possibility of a new agreement and was not in a position to comment. The Fair Work Commission can also help employers and workers negotiate with their New Approaches programme. Read more about The New Approaches on the Fair Work Commission website. The Finance Sector Union says it is following the requirements in negotiations on new corporate agreements with National Australia Bank and IAG and will do the same with the Commonwealth Bank of Australia when it begins talks later this year. Underpayment scandals have rocked sectors across the country, from retail to hospitality, and the federal government is currently reviewing the labour relations system to simplify collective agreements. Most banks and insurers are not directly affected by the new rules, as they are covered by company agreements. Registered agreements are valid until terminated or issued. If a job has a registered agreement, the bonus does not apply.

However, an IAG spokeswoman said the company`s negotiations for a new deal were „positive, are progressing well and we believe they will improve benefits for our employees once they are completed.“ FSU National Secretary Julia Angrisano, however, said her union would demand the requirements in the agreements and warned that any new EAs would be tested against the new award clauses as part of the Fair Work Commission`s improved overall test. Banks and insurers are under pressure to cover middle management hours at more than US$100,000 a year, to ensure they receive minimum rates not underpaid by excessive working hours. This change means that NAB`s reward structures are in line with reforms recommended by independent expert Stephen Sedgwick AO until 2020. We help our employees get the most out of their careers and lives. „Members found that the 1.8 percent increase in the wage price index in the year through June was the lowest growth rate in the history of the series,“ the protocol said. Both „what we do“ and „how we work“ are equally important and will be assessed holistically at the end of the year. The result is an annual assessment of performance and development progress, which provides clarity and recognizes people for their contributions. How We Work captures the essence of our culture and reflects that we are very attached to the way we do things, not just what we do. Our working method is composed of four essential elements: the Financial Sector Union has rejected the Bank`s offer, which foresees increases of between 1.5 and 2% in 2020 and 2021.

Guiding the interests of employees and shareholders through equity participation. Independent economist Stephen Koukoulas believes that the recovery will likely be limited by the wage deals negotiated today, as they consolidate anemic wage increases for several years. . . .


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