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Non-Compete Agreement Massage Therapist

As far as the legality of non-competition agreements is concerned, many sectors and industries require it. Apparently, they are not enforceable in California, but they can be legal in other states. I know that massage therapists sign a non-account at ME not to rob customers, so I was wondering if salespeople should sign something similar to the front desk. At times, an independent contract for massage therapists will include a non-competition clause. This section discusses whether the massage therapist can stand within a certain radius of the company when he leaves the company. If this provision is contained, it usually contains a distance and a period. The agreement could, for example, be that the massage therapist will not be able to work within a 30-mile radius for a year in order not to pick up the company`s clients. Massage therapists who work for themselves generally sign an independent contractor contract with the company in which they provide services. A contract provides for specific conditions agreed between the massage therapist and the company, such as. B the terms of liability and confidentiality. They are designed to protect both the therapist and the client. That`s impressive.

I`m impressed. It`s impressive that you have massage therapists with you for years, especially since many of them move a lot. It`s great. You`ve created a win-win situation. The independent contractual agreement of a massage therapist can list certain parameters of protection of the company. Massage therapists come into close physical contact with clients, so agreements can make it clear that there is no tolerance for inappropriate behaviour. You can also include a directive on the therapist`s professional behaviour when representing the company. In addition, they may require that a massage therapist not make derogatory comments about the company.

Well said. You have expressed my thoughts perfectly. I had this discussion with my lead massage therapist after one of our other MTs left to start his own business. I gave her clients the phone number to reach her and wished her well. I do not see it as a competition, but as a complement to our activity and our health mission. Does anyone know what type of competition contract employees must sign at the Envy Massage reception? Did you know that you probably have independent contractors, if you have therapists who work for you or not? Now I made a video about it last year, but I wanted to talk about it again, because it can be a big problem with the IRS if you don`t give 1099 to qualified people as independent contractors… and ignorance does not deny it.

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