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Us Taiwan Defense Agreement

Since mid-2008, Taiwan and China have concluded 12 agreements and 1 joint statement in four rounds of bilateral negotiations. The new easing of relations beyond the Strait has greatly eased tensions on Taiwan`s streets. This relaxation has given the Taiwanese military both opportunities and dangers before. It offers the military a much-anticipated window to focus on a global transformation with far less pressure on military vigilance. However, the easing has, in a way, diminished the vigilance of Taiwanese public opinion in the face of China`s existing military threats and the growing imbalance of military capabilities in Beijing`s favor. The rapprochement has also dampened domestic political support for defence modernization. Many in Taiwan support a „peace dividend“ and further cuts in defence spending; Others believe that the possibility of a war between China and Taiwan is either too far away or too terrible to consider. Joseph Biden, then a senator and now a Democratic presidential candidate, criticized Bush weeks later, saying the United States had no obligation to defend Taiwan since Washington abrogated the 1954 Mutual Defense Treaty signed by President Dwight Eisenhower and ratified by the Senate. „There is a big difference between the reservation of the right to use force and the obligation to come a priori to the defense of Taiwan,“ Biden wrote in a Washington Post opinion piece titled „Not So Deft On Taiwan.“

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